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I want to become a voice actor, but I need work. I have a deep voice, but I can change it (only slightly) to be a bit higher. I am also *learning* Japanese, so that would be good for people who need that. I can't translate between languages yet, though.

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Posted by Jombie - October 28th, 2008

It's finally up. Give it a listen. I can see some really good flashes being made with this. Maybe it can be used as an opening song, or something. I dunno, I'm no flash artist.

Posted by Jombie - October 2nd, 2008

I'm looking to be a voice actor, so that means I have no experience. That's where you come in. If you have a project, and you need a voice, send me a sample of the script, and I'll send you a sample of my voice. I say this because I'm bad at coming up with things to say, so if I have something to read from, I'll be much better. The only things that I ask are tell me how you want it to sound (ex. if you want me to sound like a video game character, such as Raiden from Mortal Kombat, or Snake from Metal Gear Solid series) also how I am supposed to sound in such a situation (confused, excited, angry, etc.) and I also want to know what I am responding to, if my line is following another character (if say I am playing Snake, and I am responding to what Colonel says, I want to know) So just a few lines you want me to say, plus the lines of the characters that my character is interacting with. The best way for me to send a sample is through email, because it's easiest on me. If you have a better way, a preferred method, just let me know. Hopefully I won't have to sign up anywhere for your method.

I have Audacity sound editor, so I can really reach a HUGE range of voices. I haven't yet tried out too much, but I did try a little, and I can get a super deep announcer kind of voice, with lots of bass in the voice. I'm sure I can get higher pitched voices, too, but I have not tried it yet. If you need me to try, just ask.