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Me as a voice actor

2008-10-02 01:18:50 by Jombie

I'm looking to be a voice actor, so that means I have no experience. That's where you come in. If you have a project, and you need a voice, send me a sample of the script, and I'll send you a sample of my voice. I say this because I'm bad at coming up with things to say, so if I have something to read from, I'll be much better. The only things that I ask are tell me how you want it to sound (ex. if you want me to sound like a video game character, such as Raiden from Mortal Kombat, or Snake from Metal Gear Solid series) also how I am supposed to sound in such a situation (confused, excited, angry, etc.) and I also want to know what I am responding to, if my line is following another character (if say I am playing Snake, and I am responding to what Colonel says, I want to know) So just a few lines you want me to say, plus the lines of the characters that my character is interacting with. The best way for me to send a sample is through email, because it's easiest on me. If you have a better way, a preferred method, just let me know. Hopefully I won't have to sign up anywhere for your method.

I have Audacity sound editor, so I can really reach a HUGE range of voices. I haven't yet tried out too much, but I did try a little, and I can get a super deep announcer kind of voice, with lots of bass in the voice. I'm sure I can get higher pitched voices, too, but I have not tried it yet. If you need me to try, just ask.


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2008-10-02 06:07:57

My Best Advice is to invest some money into a Recording Device...nothing expensive...just something that can capture your voice into an MP3 format.

Then submit your audio to Newgrounds...

Be Neat and orginaized.

Say your going to imitate some unique or popular characters..

1. Introduce yourself and what you will be doing briefly
2. Name the character
3. Immitate that character
4. Repeat steps 2-3 for a whole list of unique characters you feel you portray BEST.
5. Thank the listener for listening. (NEVER ASK FOR CREDIT -that annoys the hell out of people.) besides...your talent will speak for itself.

GOOD luck


2008-10-02 06:09:12

Rina Chan does such an example in her audio submission.

She has a Demo of all sorts of Characters...but I feel she needs to mention each character and where they pertain to.


2008-10-20 21:24:06

i agree the the pedophile that made the "kids rape" flash did not deserve to have his flash front page

Jombie responds:

Yeah, I got banned from posting reviews for 5 days for that. That sucked.