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Very well animated

Nice 3d, very fluid movie. A neverending battle upon a hellish environment to see who reigns supreme. Looks extremely good.

Please turn your cellphones off during the movie

This is really awesome, but it seems like something that movie theaters put before the movie. But don't take it as an insult, it looked amazing and sounded cool.


The way you made Louis look, I'm surprised you didn't make a Shoop-da-woop reference.

Great movie, all of it was funny.

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Great game!

I almost missed work playing it!

Only problem is, it's mostly on the easy side, but there were a few missions that were a bit hard.

Keep up the good work, and hopefully we get to see more from you in the future.

PS. This has potential as a smartphone app.

Bill is

OP... once he gets the spreader. Even the damn Lakitus (my bane in SMB) can't harm him. This game is so damn good, I would pay for it if I had to. My only gripe is that the characters don't get much bounce when they jump on an enemy's head. It's such a tiny bounce, that its much more efficient to blast them away with whatever weapon you have. However, having said that, its really fun to play as any of the characters we can select. I just wonder what it would be like to play through Super Mario World with a bunch of different characters.

I won in 138 clicks

GAME REVIEW: This game is too easy to deserve the word 'Hardcore' and a leaderboard. The ending is also anti-climactic, it just simply ends on level 20 like that. To sum up this game, it is too short and worhtless to be noticed. Walkthrough link is useless, dull graphics, buggy, lots of pixelhunting and zero originality. It tries hard to be The Impossible Quiz or Nevereding Level Game but fails miserably. And worst, there is NO mute button! That means I had to bear this game's irritating music for its entirety! 0/10 0/5.

Also, only people who made it to the end know what I'm talking about :P

keybol responds:

Yeah! lol

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At 1:24...

I heard the Super Mario sound.

Nice song. I can't wait to see what flash this could be in.

Sonofkirk responds:

Good job hearing the Mario sound, it's played quite quickly and it makes it diffictult to hear, so well done :D. Btw, thanks for the review !

This is what I see...

I see a dark cabin on a gray mountain. I see a lone person looking for shelter from the rain, so he goes inside. This music starts. He hears the groans and weird whispering sounds and starts to get a little freaked out. But curiousity is greater than fear, so he searches about. He comes to a room with what appears to be a man, who is off-kilter. The groans are apparently coming from him. The man, with great tension, reaches out to touch his shoulder, and utters an almost-faint, "Excuse-". At the very moment the word "Excuse" is said, the being had turned around and ripped his arm off.

Whew. Quite a great track.

I want to become a voice actor, but I need work. I have a deep voice, but I can change it (only slightly) to be a bit higher. I am also *learning* Japanese, so that would be good for people who need that. I can't translate between languages yet, though.

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